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Senator Hiram L. Fong

First Asian American elected to the U.S. Senate

Finance Factors History Video

On June 1, 1952, Finance Factors began operations at 58 North King Street in Honolulu. It was one of the first industrial and consumer loan companies to service the growing minorities who were seeking to start new businesses and buy homes. Finance Factors has grown to be a leading financial institution in the state. Hiram Fong was one of the initial investors along with Mun On Chun, Clifford Yee, Lup Quon Pang, and Daniel Lau. Fong Choy would soon join the group of investors. Today the company is owned by these six families. Other initial investors, no longer associated with the company, included George Thornally, Lawrence Lau, Benedict Lau, and Joseph Pao. At the time of his death, Hiram Fong was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Finance Enterprises, Ltd. the holding company of the Finance Factors Family of Companies.

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